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School Lids

School lids

With space at such a premium in school halls and gyms, it is important to use every bit wisely. With our manual trampoline lids, you can do exactly that.

Designed by and manufactured for Sunken Trampolines, the manual lid is strong enough to conduct normal everyday activities over it, yet light enough that the average person can lift and open the panels. Padding on the lids and around the trampoline provides a safe enclosed space for the users, meaning you can conduct Rebound Therapy or trampolining without the worry of safety.

Automated lids

Sunken trampolines are the only company in the world to have designed an automated residential trampoline lid. At the push of a button, the lid operates like a car sunroof – sliding under the ground next to the trampoline, allowing the trampoline to then lift into place. Designed for outdoor use, the lid is built to withstand the rigours of British weather, and not only that helps to keep the trampoline in tip top condition. it is smart and elegant and a huge asset to the urban garden.

Playground lids

Designed to cover a playground or outdoor Rebound Therapy trampoline. They are made using strong but lightweight materials, each lid segment is made to slot onto each other, thereby giving greater structural support and integrity. With treadplate top these lids provide a good way to control access to the trampoline and protect it in school down times. They can also be made to allow security measures such as padlocking.