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Rectangular Trampolines

Professional trampolines are rectangular for a reason, greater consistency of responsiveness across the jump mat means better performance and so if you are looking for more than just a recreational toy we suggest it as a better choice. From a design perspective, rectangular trampolines offer the garden an ideal choice if putting into a corner – fitting nicely with its surroundings to ensure you have not just a great fun piece of equipment but also something that looks good too. We only supply the best manufacturers trampolines so if you are looking for quality this is the place for it.

Rectangle Trampoline FAQs

Trying to decide to decide which trampoline is the right shape for you?

What is the best rectangle trampoline?

The Best performance rectangular trampoline is the ST range, a range of colours available as well as the option to have a bespoke size to suit your garden

Are round or rectangular trampolines better?

Rectangular trampolines give a better performance than circular trampolines and are also best for Rebound Therapy as they enable a user and carers to fit onto the trampoline easily.

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