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School Manual Lids

For most schools and special needs establishments space is often at a premium. Whether it be indoor or outdoor space it is important to utilise every inch to its potential which is why Sunken Trampolines have designed and installed lid covered trampolines for a number of clients.

Sunken Trampolines’ lids have been developed to be strong enough for multiple people to use the space when it is closed yet light enough for any member of staff to lift them.

Each lid is tailored to the space being utilised. They are made such that they neatly fold and rest next to the trampoline and with padding designed and manufactured specifically for this use are a safe and convenient way of having that value adding trampoline without detracting from the space it is in.

With the recent addition to the market of the “Playground trampoline” Sunken Trampolines have designed and now retail simple aluminium lids to fit the Huck and Eurotramp models. Light enough to lift individually, easy to store these lids enable a school to protect the trampoline when not in use. Feel free to contact us if you have a requirement for a lid and we can advise accordingly.

“On behalf of the community of Old Heath can I thank you for all the support, advice and time that you gave us to make our dream become a reality. Todays opening was a huge success.”

Jeremy Hallum, Head Master, Old Heath Community Primary