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5m x 3m BERG SPORTS Flat Ground Ultim Elite

BERG FlatGround Ultim Elite 500 Grey top view copy



BERG have made quality trampolines for many years and their most recent addition to the in ground market is no exception. Strong quality of manufacture, excellent bounce and good looks make this trampoline a good choice. With their innovative “Airflow” jump mat and TwinSpring technology Berg have really brought top end performance to this line of trampoline. Comes in a very stylish colour and has unprecedented warranties which are better than any other manufacturer in the market.

It comes as a complete kit and is easy to put together. Self installation is made possible with easy to understand instructions or an installation service is available across the UK.

We highly recommend this trampoline.

Technical Information:
Colours: Black or dark grey
Size: 5m by 3m
Springs: 128
Weight limit: 120kg
Padding: 45mm 440mm wide

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