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14ft 5in x 8ft 3in Kangaroo Performance Rectangular Trampoline



Available on back-order

The Kangaroo and the Super Kangaroo are serious trampolines. Not to be mistaken with any other garden trampoline these are designed with the keen trampolinist in mind. the Kangaroo comes with a traditional polymesh bed as with most other garden trampolines. Where it outstrips these is the springs. Equipped with very high performance springs as with the Super Kangaroo this trampoline will excite with is powerful performance. This version of the Kangaroo is perfect for those who love trampolining and who want to experience more than just bouncing up and down.

An added benefit of this trampoline is that when the user becomes highly proficient the polymesh bed can be replaced with a “two string bed” making it into a competition grade piece of equipment.

Technical information:
Length: 14ft 5in
Width: 8ft 3in
Height: 100cm
Maximum weight usage: 20st
Number and type of springs: 100 8.5in

Available on back-order

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